Indulge yourself and compliment your nails treatments with our experts' hands using the relaxing aromatic oils that are the best quality products to de stress, relax, and revive while At Home
Choose from the simple luxurious Massage menu:



Full Body Scrub                                                         335 AED 

Feet Scrub                                                                    65 AED
Reflexology "Hands and Feet Massage":                   185AED

Feet Massage                                                                125 AED

Hands Massage                                                            125 AED 

Back and Shoulder Massage:                                      215AED
Shoulder Massage                                                        110 AED
Head and Neck Massage                                              150 AED 
Full Legs Massage                                                         110AED
Full body Massage:                                                       425AED
Face Massage                                                                115AED
Eye Massage machine                                                   75 AED
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