We Re-Created the Experience of Waxing and made it luxurious and comfortable using the top quality and natural products, and an expert hands to Glam your body just like we Glam your nails
Bikini Line 15Min/ 75AED                                          Half Legs 20Mins/ 115AED 
Half Bikini  20Min/ 90AED                                          Full Legs 30min/ 165AED
Full Brazilian 30Min/ 185AED
Full Legs & Bikini Line 40Min/ 215AED              
Upper Lip 10Min/ 45AED                                       Eyebrows tinting 15Min/ 65AED          
Half Back 10Min/ 85AED                                  Half Arms 15Min/ 80AED
Full Back 20Min/ 120AED                                  Full Arms 20Min/ 90AED
Half Chest 10Min/ 75AED                                 Under Arms 15Min/ 65AED 
Full Chest 20Min/ 120AED                                 Full Arms & Under Arms 30Min/ 125AED
Full Back & Chest 35Min/ 215AED
Full Body 90Min/ 525AED                                
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